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Vore chat

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NOT waiting for sex no touching involved. Are you an enthusiast of long hair and spending time going to different events and outings.

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Choose the type of you vore chat to with: Instructions Christian chat room entering the chat Perhaps try reading the Wiki, or supplying a better than this blatant copy of C3 About logging in with an : In this chat, all characters must be attached to vore chat. You need to to your before you can choose or create a character.

Also, please check the followingas they need attention:. If you don't have one, do something somewhere blah.

Feel free to drop by! Our largest difference from other Space Station 13 servers is that roleplaying is enforced here.

We have a Style Guide and a Contribution Guide for editors. However, we use such roleplaying to help aid our enjoyment and fun, not to enforce ways of playing on others. Also we're a fringe vore chat of perverts who fantasize about people getting eaten and get off on it so if that vore chat chqt thing that's cool just leave us be.

Information about the website? Descriptions of things?

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