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Sending you a message I Looking For Dating

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Sending you a message

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It only applies to future messages people may try to send you through Facebook. Once you have made your choice from the dropdown menu, you are done; the new settings are applied immediately, and you can return to your profile.

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Choose who can sendkng you messages on Facebook Follow these steps to sending you a message some users from ing you through your Facebook : In your Facebookclick on the "" dropdown menu and choose "Privacy Settings". The final option is "Friends Only", and restricts the people able to contact you through messages to be masti chat friends only, and no one else on Facebook.

When "Everyone" is selected the defaultanyone who has a Facebook can send you a message.

To compose and send a message: In your site's menubarsending you a message Messages. Next to "To", use the list to select the individual s or group s you want to receive the message. On the Messages screen, or while viewing the contents of a Messages folder, click Compose Message. Now click the "View settings" link on the bismarck sex chat free no membership Your Privacy Settings" screen that loaded: Click on the dropdown menu listed under "Send me messages" to see sending you a message options: As you can tell from the explanatory paragraph, this only affects the standard messages you send like s from Facebook user to Facebook user, and doesn't have any effect on special notices you receive, like a friend request learn how to block friend requests on Facebook.

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However, a copy of your message will be saved in your Sent folder in Messages. Under s, use the drop-down list to change the priority status for your message.

If you choose "Friends of Friends", only your friends and their own friends will be able to message you through Facebook. Note: If you send your message using the To Recipients' Address es option, your message will go directly to the recipients' addresses.

You can also choose to send your message to the entire site, or to all users with a particular role e. Their Received folders in Messages will not receive a copy. Next to "Subject", type the subject sending you a message your message.

Note: this setting is not "retroactive"; in other words, it will not go through your already-received messages and delete those not from friends or friends of friends. For instructions, see Options for adding attachments.

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Anyone else will not. Under "Attachments", you can attach a file from your local computer or from Resources, or specify the URL for a file on the web. When you're finished, click Send to send your message, or Cancel to cancel your message.